We are the first Thailand official mirror website of PHP since 1 September 2003.

We are the official mirror website of Apache and MySQL since 31 December 2007.


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We use FreeBSD 4.8 as our stable operating system
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We use Apache with mod_perl/mod_gzip
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We use MySQL 3.23.55 as our main database
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We use PHP 4.3.1 for excellent web builder
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Hello — Welcome to is a network since Nov 1998, and reborn again in Aug 2003. We provide stable servers for our own usage. We are located in Bangkok Thailand. Our systems are based on UNIX system and opensource approach.

We believe in sharing knowledge, and we hope our knowledge will help everyone developing and becoming a higher standard. We hope to see Thai web builders upgrading themselves to become a professional living in the big world of internet internationally.

We do not support web hosting, we really do not want money

We put all our efforts on the servers because we like it, we like to create websites. If you are our friends, you are more than welcome to join us.

Phumin Chesdmethee (


It is a website installed with content management engine, since Sept 1999. It contains more than 15,000 articles to read from its database, more than 70,000 members registered, and more than 400,000 posts in webboard.

This website is suitable for those who love to read & write over the internet channel.


One of the most famous Thai variety for long time, since Apr 1999. Today, it reaches 1,500,000 hits per day, with more than 350,000 page views per day. The site contains a load of members, including pictures and personal information, as well as other update contents, such as movie, music, poem, etc.